Swingers Clubs China

Swingers Clubs China

Swinging in China is a bit different to swinging in Europe or the US. There aren’t any public swingers clubs in china, most of them private.

There are many private groups that organize house parties and hotel meetups for Chinese swingers. Most of them are for expats or mixed race couples (Normally western Husband and Chinese wife).

Most tourists and visitors that are looking for swingers clubs in China, get frustrated because of the difficulty in finding them. But it’s actually pretty easy, you just have to look in the right places.

If you’re looking for swingers clubs in Beijing, or swingers clubs in Taiwan, then you’re better off going to Nudist resorts in China. Most western and local swingers go there to meet other swingers.

Another option is to go to private house parties and meetups , but they are by invitation only. You can find out more about them by joining swingers sites like RedHotPie Asia.

Here’s a list of alternatives to swingers clubs in China, where you can meet and play with other couples or singles.

Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei

Banyan Tree Shanghai

Shanghai Studio

Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside

Banyan Tree Lijiang

Banyan Tree Ringha