Nudist beaches in China

Nude Beaches in China

While there are no officially designated nudist beaches in China as of 2016, there are numerous optional-clothing beaches beaches across the country.  A small number of naturist resorts have sprung up in the past ten years, including spots in Sichuan, Hainan and in the North East. Also you should note that usually nudist resorts generally have separate areas for male and female visitors

What follows is a list of nudist beaches in China:

Dadonghai Beach Resort



Dadonghai Beach Resort, is in north end part of Hainan Island, in Sanya. This free beach resort is a clothing optional in China, one that is quite pleasant and always impeccably clean. A lot of European tourists as well as local people love to get naked in this nude beach. Even so, complete nudity in this resort was banned since last year.

Yuping Mountain resort


Nude bathing in southwest China’s Yuping Mountain resort is breathtakingly beautiful. The 1-km-long nude bathing area is naturally divided by hills, naturally creating a male and female area.


Camp Hongya Forest

his nude bathing camp in Hongya Forest of southwest China’s Sichuan Provinceis another place to enjoy life in the open air and strip off, while taking in the warmth of the sun.