5 Nudist beaches in Hong Kong

Nude Beaches in Hong Kong Hong Kong has an extensive coastline with beautiful beaches and some of these are nudist beaches so there are plenty of opportunities to strip naked […]

Nudist beaches in China

Nude Beaches in China While there are no officially designated nudist beaches in China as of 2016, there are numerous optional-clothing beaches beaches across the country.  A small number of naturist […]


Eyes Club has a modern feel, the couches are more like dvd bang-like beds and the seats are more private; some separated by walls, some by curtains, which can be […]


Yesica Club Yesica is not far from Hakdong station. Single men are not allowed to go into the couples areas. http://www.clubyesica.com/19/intro.htm


Desire The place was cozy with couches, low soft lighting and likewise music. It was a Friday night, supposedly the best night and it indeed was quite packed. People had […]

Swingers Hanoi group

Swingers Hanoi group Swingers Hanoi Group is a swingers dating club exclusively run by swingers in Hanoi. Let’s share your passion http://tnhvietnam.xemzi.com/en/group/show/1145/Swingers-Hanoi-group


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Banyan Tree Ringha

Banyan Tree Ringha One of the most secluded hideaways in the world, Shangrila is a remote paradise hidden in a Tibetan valley. Surrounded by snow capped mountains, Banyan Tree Ringha […]

Banyan Tree Lijiang

Banyan Tree Lijiang Explore the ethnic charm, historical milieu and architectural landscape of the Old Town of Lijiang. Located in Yunnan province, the resort is an hour’s drive from the […]

Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside

Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside The towering Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside, with its dynamic latitudes of Asian hospitality, proffers a new perspective into the vibrant metropolis of Tianjin, China. Tap into […]