Nudist beaches in Bali,Indonesia

Nudist beaches in Bali,Indonesia

Although nudism is not exactly legal in Indonesia coastlines in Kuta and Seminyak are filled with topless beach resorts and nudist resorts.Tthe best places to go if you are a nudist and want to be in Bali would be the Villas and Resorts. There are quite a list that follows below.

Uluwatu Beach

Although there is no “public nude beaches” in Bali, Uluwatu beach is a good bet, as it is tucked away behind a large rock way from sight. Uluwatu is a very lovely white sand beach.

Geger Beach

geger beach

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Geger Beach, is secretly a nudist beach for some time. Geger is better known because it is five minutes from the largest golf resorts, called Nusa Dua. It’s still considerably isolated and wait from the main public making it ideal for sunbathing  topless or in buff.

Clothing Optional retreats

Bali has two popular clothing optional villas. In South Bali the Villa Bali Gattes is minutes away from Canggu and Echo beaches. The other villa Laki Uma Villa has optional nudity on the premises. However, most of the guests choose to go nude. Facilities include a steam room, Jacuzzi tubs and a library.

Bali Au Naturel


Bali Au Naturel is a nudist resort that caters for all types the gay, lesbian and straight and bisexual.

Viceroy Bali

Viceroy is approximately 20 minutes from Kuta and it’s a beautiful private resort. It has seven villas and a beautiful waterfall. Each villa has it’s own pool and garden.

Laki Umi Villa

Laki Umi Villa, which is near Densapar. This place, although nice, seems to only accept gay males