Nudist beaches in South Korea

Nudist beaches in South Korea

Despite its rapid modernisation, South Korea remains a largely conservative country. Nudist beaches in South Korea are clouded with hesitation. In attempts to increase tourist, officials in north east Gangwon Province in 2013 were aiming to set up South Korea’s first nude beach, which is a white sandy coastline but waters are colder than in Seoul. News on the development are still pending.

1. Hamdeok Beach Resort

Hamdeok Beach Resort

This is another clothing optional resort in Jeju Island of South Korea. Its clean and emerald-blue water is one reason why a lot of local and international tourists are visiting such beach. This resort offers hotels, camping sites, and guesthouses.

2. Jungmun Beach Resort

Jungmun Beach Resort

The fine sand in this beach resort is simply irresistible for all local and international beach lovers. If you want to get naked while enjoying the beach, then you can do so since it’s a clothing optional resort. It’s located in the Jeju Island in South Korea.