Nudist Beaches in Japan

Nudist Beaches in Japan

Japan is a long, thin island country with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Japan and East China Sea on the other. Which results in an extensive coastline with lots of beaches.

However, nudity is generally not allowed in public, and nudist beaches are virtually non existent. Yet, nudity among same-sex groups as in public bathing and at onsens elicits are quite common part of Japan, konyoku for mixed gender bath; and sentō for a type of public bath, but gender separated.

Even though Japan does not officially allow nudity in any public areas other than baths, there are nudist groups that gather in designated places in the country. Most groups only allow couples and single women.

1. Naked Hot Springs Bathing in Toyko, Japan

Naked Hot Springs Bathing in Toyko, Japan
Onsen is the Japanese term for ‘hot springs’, and that is what they call the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. Traditionally, men and women bathe together, in the nude of course, at a few special mineral-rich onsens in rural Japan.

2.Gunma hot spring resort

Gunma hot spring resort is where naked foreigners wade in the mixed-sex outdoor baths. Takaragawa Onsen located in the Minakami hot spring village in Gunma, a 150-minute drive from Tokyo.

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